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  • What are the available colors?
    For Eco Jagung bag & cover straw, both products are ready in natural color. In regards to custom order, it is available in any color as long as you attach the PANTONE COLOR. In the case of Bagasse Food Box, the specified color for ready items are attached on the description of the products. However, there are only natural and white for custom orders. For the availability of colours for other products, please kindly message or e-mail us.
  • Can we order custom order?
    Yes, we can custom made orders and have a variety of colors and inks. For the color of the products and the printing logo: -Ready-made design on hand in the form of PNG/PDF/PSD (Incl. logo) -For custom sizes & designs, hand in the form of NG/PDF/PSD (Incl. logo & details of the custom size) -Do not forget to attach the Pantone Color. -Feel free to ask any question before ordering through our contact person via our email ( or Whatsapp: 081 818 2208 & 0811 862 8898.
  • Could Eco Jagung Bag repel water?
    Generally speaking, the characteristics of our Eco Jagung bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable. It functions the same as conventional bags in terms of usages. Unlike other eco bags, Ecofrenbag uses Corn as its main base which gives these features: It is waterproof, very suitable for rainy season, cold drinks, and frozen foods. It could stand heat from hot food. In case of splashes, Eco Jagung Bag is also oil proof. Made from Corn, does not contain ordinary plastic because we love our Earth.
  • How many times can Each bag be used?
    Reusable is one of the perks of our Eco Jagung Bag! You could reuse our bag until it biodegrades and composts itself. Do not forget to bury Jagung Bag in the ground.
  • How long does it take for our bags to start composing?
    Eco Jagung Bag composts within 6 - 12 months if stored correctly. Avoid direct sunlight and moist storage to reach the maximum period. Therefore, if used repeatedly under hot temperature, it will biodegrades and composts faster.
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