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Green Products make Green Earth


Ecofrenbag produces environmentally friendly products made of cornstarch and bagasse which biodegrade easily within 6 - 12 months and are ready as composts.  Ecofrenbag understands that plastic products need more than 100 years to break down and is aware of the importance of plastic in daily life.

Ecofrenbag is an eco-friendly company established in 2019 and our office is located in Jakarta, Indonesia, managed by our amazing Indonesian team with our vision: Green Product makes Green Earth. Our products are certified with EKOLABEL SWADEKLARASI COMPOSTABLE (compost certification from Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia) and several international certificates: DIN CERTCO EN 13432 (Germany) Biodegradabel materials & Compostable, FDA approved (USA), EU certificates:  AQ International (UK), TUV Austria compostable industrial and home S1081, and BPI ASTM D6868 (China). This is Ecofrenbag's commitment to ensure quality products according to nasional and international standards.

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